Morneau Shepell announces new health app for all Canadian – WellCan0420

April 8, 2020 Categories:

Morneau Shepell is part of a team that has created a free online app called WELLCAN. It’s being made available to all Canadians to assist in mental health during these challenging times – Search for WELLCAN in the Apple App store or Google Play, download and set up your profile to start using it. To launch this initiative, we have partnered with leading Canadian companies and organizations, including:
Corporate Partners to date
•                    Morneau Shepell
•                    Canada Life
•                    Sun Life
•                    Bell Canada / Bell Let’s Talk
Community Partners to date
•                    WE
•                    Strongest Families
•                    Edgewood/Bellwood
•                    Mental Health Commission of CanadaHere are links to press releases and stories from the web:
Here too are a few Q&As that might help:
  1. How is this service different than the ones being offered by Morneau Shepell to the marketplace and its existing clients?
a.     This app contains publicly accessible information from not only Morneau Shepell but other clinically vetted public and private organizations, as well as a central listing of publicly available mental health resources they can access.
  1. Who is paying for this service? How long will it be provided to the public for free?
a.     Morneau Shepell is taking on responsibility for maintaining the app and updating it. It will remain available and free for Canadians for the duration of the crisis as defined by public health authorities.
  1. Who is going to be responsible for maintaining the service and ensuring the accuracy and relevancy of the articles?
a.     Morneau Shepell has assigned internal subject matter experts to maintain the site and ensure it remains current and accurate in its content.4. What happens if a Canadian needs help, can they get it from the app?a.     It is our hope that by listing all available public resources, Canadians will be able to find help best suited to their situation and needs.
  1. What are your partner companies and organizations contributing to this app? How were they chosen?
a.       Our partner companies are organizations that are as committed to helping Canadians mental health as us. In addition, as our partners have a significant number of Canadian clients, they have also committed to communicating and promoting the app where applicable. It’s up to all of us to make sure everyone who needs mental health support does not fall through the cracks.