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Peak Benefit Solutions Inc. has an overall goal of ensuring your plan is rewarding for all members by delivering quality products with excellent customer service. Whether we are designing a standard group health and dental benefit plan, an Executive Health Spending Account or a Group Retirement Plan, we will customize your plan and streamline the implementation and ongoing processes for owners, administrators and employees.


As dedicated Employee Benefit Professionals, we are well equipped to help clients combat rising pharmaceutical costs, increased utilization of disability programs, the movement to alternative therapies and changes in legislation that could affect their benefits program. Every group plan is different. These differences require unique solutions to ensure long-term value.


With over 30 years of combined experience, we back up our recommendations with solid execution and service.


925-550 Airport Road, Peterborough, Ontario R3B 0R3


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Peak Benefit Solutions

925-550 Airport Road, Peterborough, Ontario R3B 0R3